sarah hill. twenty-four. german. student. amateur photographer.
photography. creativity. web design. japan. travel the world. animals.

I'm a dedicated japanology student who's in love with creativity and beautiful things, and I've been passionate about photography ever since I can remember. As an amateur photographer, I would love to see the business side of things, and I hope I can make it into a profession one day. Naturally, my favorite task consists in photo editing because that's where I get to be creative. I'm taking so much pleasure in watching my pictures transform into finished works; Photoshop never stops to fascinate me.
↳ EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS 7D + 450D
50mm f/1.4 + 70-200mm f/2.8L IS + 40mm f/2.8
Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch

Apart from that, I also love studying new languages and exploring the world. I'm fluent in German and English, and I know some French, Italian and Japanese as well, so don't hesitate to contact me. It's always nice meeting new people from all over the world!